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Adventure into Web 3.0 – free from security faults, scaling pitfalls & unnecessary infrastructure costs.


in NFT presales


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Unleash your organisation’s
blockchain potential

  • Develop sophisticated smart contracts.
    From authenticating agreements to automating business processes on-chain, & anything in-between, our work is both reliable and bespoke.
  • Access specialised consultation services.
    Build, test and deploy blockchain technologies that boast superior integrity, flexibility & scale.
  • Up-skill your development team.
    Educate and train your teams to effectively navigate the full breadth & finer details of decentralised blockchain architecture.


Our team comes backed with more than 22 years of combined experience working with Ethereum blockchain & ecosystem technologies, & over 50 years in software developement.

Marc Griffiths, CEO /Founder

  • Started career in Goldman Sachs, moving on to specialising in real time enterprise systems and then Ethereum in 2015, now carrying with him 7 years experience in Blockchain.
  • Ex CTO of Powerledger; where he was instrumental in one of the most successful ICOs in Australia raising $24 million USD.
  • Advised Immutable X’s Guild of Guardians NFT presale holding $20 million USD, GoG currently has over 150,000 pre-registered players.

Fedor Shubin, VP of Engineering

  • Overseeing the development and integration of GoG to Immutable X for all their smart contracts, NFT functionality, reward programming, Discord Bots, Market Place, merging and guild crafting.
  • Metamaps head of backend, which raised $70 million USD in Series B funding.
  • Screeps.com lead developer, the world’s first MMO open world strategy game for programmers.

Alex Daraban, Head of Product

  • Seasoned veteran of managing application development since the dawning of the App store.
  • Created a custom ERP and CRM for a large hotel booking platform integrated with WebRTC, where there are more than 2000+ calls and 500 bookings a day.

Valeria Sysoeva, Head of QA

  • Master’s in Information systems & technology and a Master’s in Innovation & Research in Informatics Valeria has a keen eye for improving release processes.
  • Valeria has uncovered more than 400 bugs &  finalised more than 200 releases since 2019.

Dmitry Gorbatovskiy, Head of DevOps

  • Migrated on-premise solution to cloud for Genesys one of the largest call centers in the world.
  • Created whole infrastructure/architecture/CI-CD processes from scratch for Metamaps.
  • Built a unique automation toolset for migration/support/monitoring for tailored cloud solutions.



billion stolen in crypto hacks/scams in 2022


Of the 10 largest DeFi hacks in history (give or take), nine of the projects weren’t audited


Of 31 GameFi tokens audited 0 had the highest score and 16 had the worst score possible


bounty paid by Polygon for a single vulnerability

Your code

Innovation has been the building block of blockchain projects but it also means that your project is now connecting to hastily deployed, new projects. With millions of lines of code, you cannot expect your team to find every issue that can be misused. Compound, a DEX was hacked for $80m due to one line of code using “>” instead of “>=”.


With an average of one $100m+ hack per month, hackers now have the most sophisticated systems, unlimited access to funds, highly focused talent and are protected by some governments against being prosecuted. Compare this to your team that has a $500k budget and works office hours. Your systems are under attack 24/7/365.


The problems are complicated by a shortage of battle tested programmers and auditors. Companies take shortcuts and employ web2 programmers who learn blockchain on the job. An article by Cointelegraph reported a white hat hacker’s experience that companies would rather get hacked than pay a bounty to a friendly hacker.

Good practices

No matter how good your tech team is, an external, independent check is always recommended.  Intrinsic’s blockchain solutions have never been hacked to date because we are thorough in what we do. We offer this experience in combination with our partners in Asia to provide one of the best blockchain & security auditing services at a reasonable price.

What we do

We can audit NFTs, Tokens, Wallet, L2 Blockchains/Sidechains, Bridges, dApps, Mobile Apps, Back End and Front End servers and databases. Business and Implementation logic. And if required we can do this across your entire business, not just your blockchain systems.

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Why Intrinsic?

We are time tested experts in the Ethereum blockchain space, having overseen the development of several cutting edge decentralised projects.

Veteran grade expertise

In Web 3.0 the risks of getting it wrong are significant. We know how to weave together the best infrastructure for the complex and wild world of Web 3.0.

Avoid the risk of rebuilding
Our deep experience in the blockchain space allows us to not just write code, but craft it, and in the most readable, modular way possible making scaling easy & cost effective.

Enterprise Scale Solutions
We are experts in high throughput enterprise systems. This means we understand the relevant design choices at this scale, making the whole software development process more frictionless.

Long term reliability
Blockchain developers have one of the highest turnover rates in the industry. Intrinsic offers a long term development partnership, backed by a team that has worked together for over 5 years, so you can cut back on your developer hand-over complications and focus on serving your customers and building your brand.

Proud members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

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